Have Questions? Below is our FAQ. Consult the estate’s Concierge if you have additional questions.

Does a weekly rental always start on the same day each week?

Generally, you can arrive on any day of the week, as long as the estate is available.

When is high and low season, what is the minimum stay and discounts available?

The minimum stay during Holiday periods is 3 nights; otherwise it’s 2 nights.

The High season is comprised of Holidays and Summer and Special Events.

Holidays include the 4th of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving weekend; Christmas - New Year’s; MLK; Valentines; Easter and Memorial Day weekend.

Do we have to pay full rent if we need less bedrooms than the estate offers?

Rates are reduced when you do not use all the bedrooms. The reductions are noted on the rate listings on this site.

If we do not book all the bedrooms, will someone else (i.e. strangers) be using those bedrooms and sharing the house?

You never have to share the estate bedrooms with another guest other than those in your party.

Is the estate a good idea for a Honeymoon? For a Family Reunion? For Other Social Events?

Honeymoons: Either the Waterfall Suite (1 BR) or the Guest House (1 - 2+ BRs) represent two of the most beautiful options available in the USA for private getaways. The entire estate would be perfect for a destination honeymoon where the couple invites along their favorite friends for an extended wedding party.

Family Reunions & Other Social Gatherings: The estate has accommodated groups of up to 50 between May and October (for buffet style events and band parties). Indoor parties will comfortably accommodate 50, as well. The concierge will be able to arrange other nearby accommodations for family members who do not stay overnight at the estate.

Why is this estate so much less expensive than other similar very high end estates in other parts of the country?

In 2016, USA TODAY indicated that the most expensive estates in the U.S run between $100,000 and $150,000 per week.

While Deerhaven Gardens Estate may be the most expensive modern day private home ever built in the state of North Carolina and the only 6 star private estate available as a vacation rental in the entire state, its base weekly discounted rate for the entire estate of between $18,800 (winter) and $28,000 (summer & holidays) and as little as $11,200 (winter) for the Guest House is substantially less than prices charged for stays at similar estates in other parts of the country.

Does the estate include staff personnel?


Concierge – 4 hours per stay. The Concierge works off-site.

Your stay includes the services of our Deerhaven Gardens in-house chef for breakfast and/or lunches throughout your stay. Includes up to 2 servers as required.

Chef, Catering, & Housekeeping - Options include Japanese style Hibachi, picnics by the High Falls, poolside and even court side dining. Optional bartender and servers available by request for groups of 12 adults or more.

You will also have the option of prearranging catered style dinners where you select the exact menu and the style of service and we arrange for the chef(s) and servers without a mark up.

We strongly recommend advance reservations of at least 2 months for this service, but we will do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

Housekeeping is provided daily as required. After hours or early morning service is availableat no additional charge if you provide at least 1 day advance notice.

Butler – Up to 2 hours per stay, onsite, small repairs (within his experience).

Estate Manager – Handles major repairs and estate business. Can either work on or off site during your stay. Available by phone Fri-Sat.

Outdoor Gardening /Tennis Court Maintenance – Two full time gardeners quietly work on the grounds and tennis courts (as required) between 8-4 weekday.

Pool & Outdoor Spa Maintenance – This service is provided by an outdoor contractor twice per week from April through November, but once per week during the winter months. The outdoor spa for 8 is available 12 months per year.

Indoor Plant Maintenance – once per week, for watering and trimming.

Salt Water Aquarium – Requires a two hour visit once per week.


Please make all special requests of all types in writing to the house manager two weeks in advance of your stay: EstateManager@DeerhavenAsheville.com.

Also, please make a point to insure that your request is acknowledged and confirmed in writing before you arrive.

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A 50% deposit is required within 3 days to hold a reservation. Reservations are not considered firm until the deposit and rental agreement form are received. A confirmation letter is sent to you upon receipt of the deposit. The balance of your payment is due 90 days prior to your arrival date. In general, for written cancellations received outside the 90 days of arrival - 35% of gross rental price is retained. For cancellations inside the 90 days of arrival the entire deposit is forfeited. Please note that ALL holiday bookings are 100% non-refundable. Trip insurance is strongly recommended. Yes.

Are children and pets welcome? Are there any other rules which I should understand?

Children: Yes, children are welcome. However, since the main house has 3 floors and the guest house 2 floors, and there is a long stone staircase leading down from the outdoor entertainment area between the two houses to the Grand Waterfall; and because there are numerous rushing streams and other waterfalls with bridges and stepping stones; and over a mile of trails, some of which are steep and also have stone steps, you should NOT allow small children to explore the property on their own. None of the trails or stream crossings are childproofed.

Pets: No pets of any size or kind. However, the concierge can arrange for top notch off site pet sitting.

Other Rules: Absolutely no smoking, of any kind, in the house. No smoking on the decks or screened in patios (if the estate’s adjacent glass doors are open). Also, no real candles inside either house or on the wooden decks and no real glass is to be used for beverages in the outdoor entertainment areas with stone floors. Finally, absolutely no red wine in either house. Red wine is allowed at the Hibachi grill and on decks and patios and at the tennis court pavilion.

The reason for these strict rules is that besides the very high cost of replacing hand made oriental carpets or the very expensive fabrics used for bedding and chairs and sofas, many of the fabrics are now irreplaceable; so, the cost of a red wine spill could be catastrophic.

Security. For your protection, high definition security cameras are located in most outdoor areas. There are no security cameras inside either the main house of the guest house. Please do not allow the estate’s front gate to be left open when not in use. Never leave food unattended in outdoor areas as this could attract bears!

Proper use of plumbing facilities: Fixtures should be used for there intended purposes only. Nothing thicker than toilet paper should be inserted.

Do I need to purchase trip insurance?

Even the best-planned trips can get blown off course by unexpected circumstances like a broken leg, 24-hour flu, an unexpected hurricane, or worse. Trip insurance provides coverage for everyone staying at the villa for one affordable plan cost. Please see our Trip Insurance section for further details.

Other questions?

Consult the estate’s Concierge and/or your digital welcome package.